International Conference on Media, Culture and Education
Moulay Ismail University
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Meknes, Morocco
23-25 November, 2010
With the Collaboration of
The Autonomous University of Barcelona
The Forum UNESCO University and Heritage
Coordinator of the Conference:
Dr. Drissia CHOUIT
This video was produced by:
The Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

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hajar | Réponse 23.12.2013 11.16

thank you

Aymane | Réponse 28.10.2013 00.14

Amazing! I wish I was there to attend it.

Chaimae | Réponse 26.10.2013 16.04

Very Interesting so glad that it's happened in Meknes Big Up :like:

hakim boutmajine | Réponse 26.10.2013 03.08



Hisham | Réponse 26.10.2013 01.34

Intresting :)

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11.05 | 12:33

Media literacy is understanding how is news fabricated and consrtructed :

08.05 | 12:15

Please would you send me some exercices with responses in media studies I am in s4 university cadi ayad 53 years

31.12 | 15:40

This refers to Alternative Media that critique not only powerful forces, but also mainstream media; they are called the watchdogs of the watchdogs.

29.12 | 15:03

Hello Madame , Could you please explain what do we mean by the watchdog of the watchdog ? Thanks in advance

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