First European Forum on MIL

27-28 May, 2014
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

Programme of the Forum

                                                   Discussion Questions: 

                        Paris Declaration on Media and Information Literacy


- Intervention of Dr. Drissia CHOUIT at the First Plenary Session:
Educational Models and Best Practices Concerning
the Implementation of MIL in National Curricula 

- Milestones of the  European Media & Information Literacy Forum 2014 


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OUMOUZAY NOURA | Réponse 04.06.2015 12:01

You are great, Madam, we must thank you for your interesting website
its has been very helpful

chafiq OUENZAR | Réponse 02.07.2014 12:36

it is a great honor that my professor is representative of the Kingdom of Morocco in those(these) international conferences, it means that yes we can.

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02.06 | 08:01

thank you so much professor for these important points.

25.05 | 04:35

Copy this link, paste it in your browser, then click on it

25.05 | 04:23

Already done!

25.05 | 04:22

No. This website provides some units of the course + complementary information and resources. You have to combine both e-learning platform and this website.

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