UNESCO Overview of Information Literacy Resources Worldwide, 2nd Edition


Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development

The Lyon Declaration of August 2014 was written in English and translated to many languages, including French and Arabic:


Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired, or Otherwise Print Disabled: an EIFL Guide for Libraries:


Fostering Freedom Online: The Role of Internet Intermediaries


Maintien de l'ordre et respect de la liberté d'expression: Manuel pédagogique


حفظ النظام واحترام حرية التعبير


Rassembler les générations par le biais de la radio: un guide pratique en provenance de l'Afrique à l'intention des professionnels de la radio qui travaillent avec des enfants et des jeunes


Guide to Online Media Ethics


FINAL WSIS Targets Review: Achievements, Challenges and the Way Forward


Building Inclusive Knowledge Societies: A review of UNESCO's action in implementing the WSIS outcomes


TUNING INTO DEVELOPMENT: International Comparative Survey of Community Broadcasting Regulation


Climate Change in Africa: A Guidebook for Journalists  


Reading in the Mobile Era: A Study of Mobile Reading in Developing Countries


World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development


To Tell You the Truth: The Ethical Journalism Initiative






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Boutfarjoute Said G2/S5 | Réponse 11.12.2014 10.12

Thank you professor for these useful sources.

Mohcine Bendkik | Réponse 27.11.2013 18.33

Thank you very much Madam Shouite for the work you have done, it’s really rich of benefit

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11.05 | 12:33

Media literacy is understanding how is news fabricated and consrtructed :

08.05 | 12:15

Please would you send me some exercices with responses in media studies I am in s4 university cadi ayad 53 years

31.12 | 15:40

This refers to Alternative Media that critique not only powerful forces, but also mainstream media; they are called the watchdogs of the watchdogs.

29.12 | 15:03

Hello Madame , Could you please explain what do we mean by the watchdog of the watchdog ? Thanks in advance

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