Study Skills and Research Methods (S5)

Dr. Drissia CHOUIT

Moulay Ismail University


Course Description


Objectives: This course aims to endow students with strategies to become active and autonomous learners, and to understand the research process in its various dimensions. It focuses on high order critical thinking skills and attitudes, pathways to creativity and intellectual honesty, documentation of sources, and the importance of information literacy in the research process.


Content: Becoming an Autonomous Learner; Developing a Critical Approach; Understanding the Research Process; Citing References; Information Literacy; Internet Research Skills.


Key Topics:

  • Active Learning;
  • Learning to Think Critically;
  • Assessing Your Goals as a Researcher;
  • Developing an Appropriate Search Strategy;
  • Managing the Logistics of Research Projects;
  • Using Sources: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarising;
  • Literature Search and Information Skills in an Electronic Age;
  •  Information Literacy;
  • Internet Research Skills;
  • Preparing a Working Bibliography;
  • Citing References;
  • MLA and APA Documentation Styles. 




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