International Conference on

 Media, Culture and Education

 23-25 November, 2010


Welcome Address by

Dr. Drissia CHOUIT,

Coordinator of the Conference



Mr. Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities,

Mr. Vice-Dean,

Mr. Chairman of the Department of English,

Distinguished Participants,

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Students,

Ladies and Gentlemen


We are honoured to inaugurate today the International Conference on Media, Culture and Education, organized by the Department of English, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Moulay Ismail University.


This conference comes at a time mass media have become one of the most influential institutions in the contemporary world. It focuses on the role of media and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in cultural and educational development, and examines ways and means to build free and responsible media, governed by ethics, democratic practices and respect for diversity in its multifarious manifestations.


This conference is organized with the collaboration of the Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and its affiliated Research Centre "Gabinete de Comunicacion y Educacion", Barcelona, Spain.


The Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage (FUUH) is a program of UNESCO in favour of cultural and natural heritage conservation. One of the main objectives of this international network is to reinforce cooperation between universities, disciplines and heritage professionals, aiming to promote, among others, inter-cultural dialogue through heritage, protection of intangible heritage and enhancement of an integrated management of heritage. We are honoured to be the first Moroccan university to have the Forum UNESCO-University and Heritage associated to one of its scientific activities, and pleased to announce that this conference is considered a "Labellized Activity" of FUUH for its quality and because it is related to heritage.


The participation of the "Gabinete de Comunicacion y Educacion" in this conference opens up brilliant prospects of academic cooperation between the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Moulay Ismail University. The Cabinet is composed of a large and interdisciplinary team of communication specialists, semiologists, sociologists, marketing experts, journalists, web designers and educators, among others. Its main research areas include media literacy, educational television, media education, development and educational projects, educational multi-media and education networks.


This three-day conference gathers experts and specialists in media, communication, linguistics, culture and education, representing the five continents. Leading researchers and theorists will address salient issues of media, culture and education. Fourteen countries are represented in this conference, namely: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Egypt, France, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, Turkey, United States and Morocco. Many of these participants come to Morocco for the first time, a warm welcome to them and to all the participants. We hope that this conference is only the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation, not only North-South but also South-South.


We would like to acknowledge the unconditional support of Moulay Ismail University and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to this conference. Special thanks to the President of Moulay Ismail University, Dr. Mohamed Zaher BENABDALLAH, for both the moral and financial support he extended to this conference. Our sincere thanks to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Abdallah MALKI, for his unfailing support and encouragement from the early stages till the last minutes of preparations for this conference. Thank you very much, Dr. Malki.


As Coordinator of this conference, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all members of the Organizing Committee for their hard work, team-spirit and devotion, namely: Lamiae AZZOUZI, Mahdia AIT DAOUD, Driss RIDOUANI, Driss BENATTABOU, and Mohamed LAROUZ.


Finally, this conference takes place in a city inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List. Welcome to Meknes, World Heritage. Welcome to Morocco. We wish you a nice stay in Meknes and wish all success to this conference. Thank you for your attention.


Drissia CHOUIT

23rd November, 2010






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