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khatri houda | Réponse 04.06.2016 18.50

The course that I have benefited from a lot is critical thinking.

hind lakbyach | Réponse 03.06.2016 02.48

CT approach has become a part of my life. I started to apply it vis-a-vis myself to get the skills to evaluate and examine thoughts to make reasoned judgements.

ASMAE DOUHAN | Réponse 02.06.2016 22.28

Personally speaking,Critical thinking is seen to be a helpful course seeing the help it provides student with .It makes them able to quetion everything .

Hajiba Ibrahimi | Réponse 02.06.2016 18.05

critical thinking is very important ti help us in our research paper and our study as well the best course for me is when we say critical thinking we mean creativity

Hajiba ibrabimi | Réponse 02.06.2016 18.01

Critical thinking is the ability to think and examine an issue in harmony way , i really approciate you becausei benifited from session inside the class which i

Nadia Khouya | Réponse 22.05.2016 21.00

The course that I have benefited from a lot is critical thinking. It is the ability to examine an issue in a rational and harmonious way, and based on this to make reasoned arguments and take informed decisions. When we make decision, we become confident

Bassou OULTOU | Réponse 31.05.2015 13.11

I really appreciate your courage teacher you are great and any case you are wonderful anything even in session inside class or in some conferances that I have

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24.09 | 17:11

Thank you Madam for the huge and interesting information you'd provide us with

24.09 | 17:04

Excellent madam

22.09 | 15:44

Merci beaucoup

21.09 | 17:31

Thank so much for these useful information I appreciate your work

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