Dear Friends, Colleagues, Students, and all those who have the passion for empowering people through education, communication and information, let us all together cultivate a culture of media and information literacy for a better future to our younger generations. Share your experiences, concerns, and projects with us. Send us your comments and suggestions. All the Best, Drissia CHOUIT, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Comparative Linguistics, Communication and Media Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes, Morocco

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Rédigé par EL HOUSSIN OUBAUI, le 19. nov., 2013
thanks for Dr.chouit and Dr.nfissi for this website which give us many iformations about media studies and study skills i hope all the best for them
Rédigé par Allou moha , le 18. nov., 2013
hello Madam
i would like to thank you for this special website, and for all your efforts you did and you still do for us as your students.
Rédigé par Dr. Drissia CHOUIT, le 16. nov., 2013
To: Aababou Amina

Yes. Please do. Thanks.
Rédigé par Ouaabou Amina, le 16. nov., 2013
Good evening Madam, I'm Amina Ouaabou from Group 3, Semester 5. I'd like to tell that my g-mail account has been blocked. Is it possible if i send the questionnaire through my classmate's e-mail?! And Thank You in advance =)
Rédigé par Youssef Azigane, le 16. nov., 2013
Good afternoon Esteemed Teacher
I'm Youssef Azigane S3 G1
I'm so glade to write you a comment to you teacher . So first of all , i would like to thanks you teacher for your website , i really spent about three hours in this website just looking here and there ... Secondly , i really have never seen such website like yours in Morocco and a teacher deal with student like you , helping them and improving them with this important website . Because i have teachers of several languages such as English , Spanish , dutsch ... with European and Western teachers doing the same to you and i learn with them online .Thirdly , i learn and take ideas about MIL that i didn't know before even i still find some difeculties in answering all your questions , unfortunataly i don't know them , and i hope to know all the answers of those questions soon . I also expect from you teacher to give us one or two hours in the weekend and of cours being online to ask you and give us more information like that we will not find difficulties in the exams .
Finally , i hope to improve us with more Informations and not only in ML , i like to guide us and devolep our English as well .so thanks again teacher your your big efforts and all what you are doing in order to hepl us as your students .
Best greeting teacher
Best wishes my classmates and wish you all the best and successful
Have a great weekend

Rédigé par ARBAOUI Abdelouahab, le 16. nov., 2013
Hello dear teacher I would like to thank you for this huge effort. I am one of your G1 one students and I wrote an essay talking about the westtren media I hope you will like it.

The Western Media and the obliteration of the Islamic identity.
Whether we accept it or not, the Western media has incredibly changed our islamic identity.What we see in reality is absolutely assure this idea.Our way of dressing , of eating ,and of treating others… . This srategy could undoubtedly obliterate our culture, our believes and even our islamic identity.
The Western media’s influence in the islamic identity can be seen obviously in many deferent aspects.We become like those bicultural people.Our clothes which was long and wide like “jlaba” are changed to be too tight like “jinz”. The beard which was the symbol of the islam becomes the symbol of terrorism.Also the diversity of the foreign channels is dominating in the few islamic ones,as a result , the most of us are influenced negativelly by those stranger ones .Moreover,many concepts are seem to be familiar like "globalisation "," mode",and "style",and those islamic consepts which descripe our believes and values such as "cooperation","charity",and"submission " ,are seem to be strange and unacceptable .And who still clinging to his origine is called as a retrograde or an underdeveloped person.Even with all these dreadful transformation of our culture,values and identity,many people still think that the Western media comes to develop and culture our underdeveloped islamic world.However , if they considered why this Western media comes and colonizes our islamic media ,they whould not say what they used to say,and they could descover the secrets of this malicious project.
The western in general is planing not only to change our mentalities but also to obliterate our identity from the basis which are our believes ,culture and values . And that could not be realised without a smart strategy which is media. So be clever and try to cling in your identity,your islamic identity .
Rédigé par Youssef Ariba, le 16. nov., 2013
DEAR professor ; i would tell you for me this is the first time i changing the information with a professor by Net to be honest with you i ound that cool mainly sharing the informations with our students peers ;and i want to tell what i like to you that you are always smiling and it is a good point ; and that's good for me becouse you don't feel boring and you focus on what you are telling us; by the way i found the the questionnaire hard honestly,thank you for everything ; God bless you.
Rédigé par Mbark Ait-Khouya , le 15. nov., 2013
I was reviewing the questionnaire, and i found it hard for me. I know some of them but i prefer that I do not answer,because it is only a few ; but i keep it in my mind tell the exam inchallah.Thanks so much for this nice website.It Gives us enough informations acerca Media Studies.
Rédigé par fatima zahra AMISSOU, le 15. nov., 2013
ooh i like that so much, it's a new way we never see it before or no professor do this perfect job .i am very proud to have this kind of professor would to communicate and share information with their students .do u know i am very happy becouse now i find that we have agood teacher i am so so happy thank u for every think . my country become to change wooooow so good.
Rédigé par Dr. Drissia CHOUIT, le 13. nov., 2013
Further to the comments by Dr. Abdelhamid NFISSI, please find below the links to the MIL activities he referred to:

International Seminar on Media and Information Literacy at the University level, Fez, Morocco: Program

First MILID Week, Barcelona, Spain, 2012

Second MILID Week, Cairo, Egypt, 2012

MILID Yearbook
Rédigé par Dr. Drissia CHOUIT, le 11. nov., 2013
Thank you very much Abdelhamid for this substantial contribution.
Kindest Regards,
Rédigé par Dr. Abdelhamid NFISSI, le 11. nov., 2013
Dear Drissia,
Congratulations! Your highly professional blog on Media and Information Literacy for All is very interesting in the sense that it will serve as a platform for students, scholars and researchers all over the world to share ideas, experiences about Media and Information Literacy. It is of particular interest to students and young people as it will encourage them to learn more about Media and Information Literacy skills and competencies to succeed in their personal, academic and professional life. Nowadays, MIL has become the priority target of any individual and a perquisite of the information age.
I am glad to see that you have succeeded to gather all the documents of the First International Forum on Media and Information Literacy which we organized in Fez, Morocco, in June 2011. As a follow-up to the Fez Declaration on MIL, here are some of the activities which took place:
1. In Celebration of the First anniversary of the Fez Declaration on MIL, we organized an International Seminar on “Media and Information Literacy at the University Level” on 5-6 June, 2012 at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Sais Fes, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Fez, Morocco. The seminar gathered teachers, activists, media specialists, journalists, and librarians to raise students' awareness of the vital importance of Media and Information Literacy in their academic and professional lives.
2. The Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, organized the first seminar of the UNESCO UNITWIN UNAOC Cooperation Chair on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (UAC-MILID) on May 22-25, 2012.
3. The University of Cairo, Egypt, organized the second seminar of the UNESCO UNITWIN UNAOC Cooperation Chair on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (UAC-MILID) on April 22-25, 2013.
4. The first MILID Yearbook was published.
5. The International Journal on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue will be released soon.
All the Best,
Abdelhamid NFISSI, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Comparative Linguistics,
Communication and Media Studies,
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Fes-Sais,
Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University,
Fez, Morocco
Chair of the International Forum on Media and Information Literacy (IFMIL)
Member of the UNESCO UNITWIN UNAOC Cooperation Chair
on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (UAC-MILID)



31.12 | 15:40

This refers to Alternative Media that critique not only powerful forces, but also mainstream media; they are called the watchdogs of the watchdogs.

29.12 | 15:03

Hello Madame , Could you please explain what do we mean by the watchdog of the watchdog ? Thanks in advance

27.12 | 18:59

The media are successful in telling us what to think about refers to the Agenda-Setting Theory of the Press and to News Values. You should also address the implications of News Agenda Settings.

27.12 | 18:52

1. You should explain the second element of the statement "what to think about": News Agenda Setting based on News Values.
2. You should explain the first element of the statement: The media are not successful in telling us "what to think."