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Rédigé par FAHIM HASSAN, le 29. mai, 2016
First of all, I would like to thank you DR. Chouit for your effort during this semester, and, of course, in all the previous semesters and indeed. In addition, making website to is highly appreciated. As far as the research seminar is concerned, it is a very important subject not only in for our research but also in other subjects .Personally, I enjoyed the most the unit of critical thinking which is very beneficial because it makes us aware of how important it is to be critical and logical in our thinking in our studies in particular, and our lives in general. In brief, overwhelmed with gratitude for you enjoyable, informative, and deeply informative lectures.
Rédigé par El Madani El Mehdi , S6 , group: 2 ., le 29. mai, 2016
Dear professor Chouit.

First of all i would like to thank you for your efforts, patience, and your beneficial peices of advice. I also would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to at least acknowledge and give you a special thank as well as to tell you that we have always admired you for being such a perfect teacher SO THANK YOU !!
Frankly, i enjoyed all the units because all of them were beneficial and helpful. But since all of my classmates have chosen one unit im not going to be out of the crowd. I enjoyed the unit of critical thinking because you taught us something new during this unit. We have learnt that critical tinking is not only a way of thinking in the academic context but it is also an approach ; it is a way of living and behaving , which means that we can also apply it to our daily life and live as critical thinkers for the rest of our lives.

Best regards.
Rédigé par JABA GHIZLAN, le 29. mai, 2016
I really enjoyed all the lessons, but the unit I have enjoyed the most is the MAL and APA styles, because I learned a lot of new things, and the course was very helpful for me to apply what I learned in my research paper like to format my references and citations.
I also , I would like to take a brief moment and say, thank you Dr. Chuit for sharing your knowledge and explaining in an easy way.
Rédigé par EL-MALALI Zineb, le 28. mai, 2016
Special thank to you Dr.Chouit for creating this website which, I pesonally think ,is one of the most helpful websites that students can use.As far as the course is concerned,I really enjoyed the unit of " critical thinking as an approach " because as an S6 student it helps me a lot to be more skeptical,think out of the box and have long term purposes since critical thinking is a long term skill that should not stop as being a course ,but rather as a reference to apply in every situation throughout our lives .
Rédigé par ETTOUFFAHI fatimazahrae , le 28. mai, 2016

First thank you Mme.Chouit for your effort during this semester and in making this useful website to help us in our learning process. Research seminar was a very helpful subject not only in our research rather in other subjects .Personally, I enjoyed more the unit of critical thinking which is very beneficial ,as well as important, since it makes us learn how to be logic in our thinking during our studies or life in general, special thanks for your great explanations
Rédigé par FARHANE Loubna, le 28. mai, 2016
Research Seminar is a crucial guidance to conduct an effective academic reseqrch.One of its most intersting units is Developing a Critical Approch.
personally, I enjoyed this unit for many reasons.First and formost,to be critical in your thinking is a life skill,that is,when you learn to think critically you use your critical thinking in whatever situation.Furthermre, critical thinking enhances your creativity,in the sense that ,you become able to come up with your contribution ant take informed decision after dealing with a given issue rationally,logically and harmonically.
In fact,critical thinking is considered to be an essential required skill not only in our academic studies, but also in our daily life
Rédigé par LARHOUTI ABDELJALIL, Semester 6, GROUP 3 =), le 28. mai, 2016

So the question is "which unit of the course did you enjoy most and why?" Actually the I didn't only enjoy the first handout about critical approach, but I also benifited from it. That material is very helpful when it comes to taking notes in a brief and smart way. It is guideline for anyone who is building a literature review, since it explains how to take notes and simultaneously build distinct parts of your paper. It also explains how to be a critical reader and writer, and encourages students to be independents from the text; to bo open minded about other researchers' ideas until "evidence indicates otherwise". More than that, it encourages undergraduate and postgraduate students to challenge any author's work to check its credebility.

Sincerely yours
Rédigé par Najouah Ichniouen, le 27. mai, 2016
First I would like to thank you Madam for your effort in making this useful website that helps us to learn so many things. Concerning the question that you have asked us about which unity we enjoy most in this semester, personally, I enjoyed the unit of critical thinking that is very beneficial since it teach us how to be aware about everything in life as well as to not take everything for granted.
Rédigé par Karraoui Zahra , le 25. mai, 2016
Dear teacher
Its true that research seminar course was very meaningful and enlightened since it combines both critical thinking and study skills which are benificial and helpful to creat an appropriat research paper . In fact it is really difficult to choose only one unit from the whole course but I personly enjoy critical thinking unit since it is the core of success in personal and professional life ,many years ago I thought that critical thinking is only theoritical framework or cognitive skill but now I discover that it is life skill that covers all parameters and idealogies based on logic and rationality and that seems good for students to identify reliable sources as well as to deconstruct false and unfaire assumptions.
Rédigé par Smahan MERRAS SEMESTER 6 GROUP 3, le 25. mai, 2016
For me I find all the sessions beneficial but the most interesting course is critical thinking because I learn how to be open-minded, skeptical and a ask questions. Critical thinking is a way of behavior and thinking logically, rationally and informed by evidence. Critical thinking is the ability to express yourself clearly and be confident. It is the key success of many people because they know how to use it perfectly.
Rédigé par HOU SARA SEMESTER6 GROUP 3, le 25. mai, 2016
In fact I benefit from all the sessions that I attend in this semester class, but it still that the two last sessions are the best for me which talk about MLA and APA style because I learn a lot of techniques and tools that can help me to conduct my research paper like organizing my list of references in alphabetical order. In fact from those sessions I can determine that I will be able to make clearly the difference between the two styles in doing my research paper. And special thanks to you Dr. Chouit.
Rédigé par Saida El-gharbaoui, le 25. mai, 2016
El-gharbaoui Saida , S6, G2

Hello dear professor
During this semester we were in front of various subjects, the most interesting one is Research Seminar with you Dr. Chouit Drissia. We were dealing with three different courses. First one was about critical thinking its skills, attitudes and guideline. Second was about plagiarism what does it mean its raisons and why it is not ethical. the last one was about APA style we were concerned about how to cite an article book…as far as I’m concerned, my favorite course was about APA style, Being one of your supervises was really an honor for me because the course was beneficial from me and you were my teacher and my supervisor at the same time. That was a real motivation for me to apply what I learned during the classes to my research paper. Thank you Dr.Chouit for all your effort.
Thank you .
Rédigé par HBA NAOUAL, le 24. mai, 2016
Écrivez votre mResearch seminar this year was interest course for me because this year I have to deal with my research paper. For me the most enjoyable course was the sessions of APA and MLA styles , it was helpful for me to understand the different between the two because before I didn’t understand a lot about them but after the course I’m able to applied it in my research paper. All in all I would to thank you professor for help and sharing of all these informationessage ici:
Site Web:
Rédigé par Youssef Igrouane - Semester 6 - Group 3, le 24. mai, 2016
Hello dear professor,
Hope this text finds you well. First, thank you very much for supplying this platform for you students to express themselves and share their feedbacks among their classmates.
Throughout the semester, I truly like the research seminar’s program, but I deeply enjoyed the course of critical thinking that enables us as students to scrutinize every information and not take it for granted. It also provided us with the ability to be creative and enhance our academic credentials.
Furthermore, it seems to me that critical thinking is a stepping-stone to be skeptical about everything we see in our daily lives.
Actually, the course was as a profit for us as academic students to grasp how critical thinking as an approach how we can hone our critical skills in order to use them in other academic subjects, particularly during the process of conducting our research paper.
Additionally, I concluded that critical thinking should be an integral part of our daily lives in order to know how to manage in a debate, to respect others standpoints and viewpoints and persuade others.
Finally, I would love to thank you once again.
Good luck everyone.
Kind regards,

Rédigé par Harrach Mohammed, le 24. mai, 2016
The course of research seminar of this semester contains many important parts, but the part I enjoyed most was critical thinking because is an important skill needed for university students; on your course you will be expected to learn new information about your subject but you will also be expected to reflect in a careful and critical way about what you are learning. Reflecting critically involves skills such as recognizing a particular point of view being expressed or identifying the implications of an academic argument. It also involves being able to evaluate how true or useful certain information might be.


31.12 | 15:40

This refers to Alternative Media that critique not only powerful forces, but also mainstream media; they are called the watchdogs of the watchdogs.

29.12 | 15:03

Hello Madame , Could you please explain what do we mean by the watchdog of the watchdog ? Thanks in advance

27.12 | 18:59

The media are successful in telling us what to think about refers to the Agenda-Setting Theory of the Press and to News Values. You should also address the implications of News Agenda Settings.

27.12 | 18:52

1. You should explain the second element of the statement "what to think about": News Agenda Setting based on News Values.
2. You should explain the first element of the statement: The media are not successful in telling us "what to think."