Dear Friends, Colleagues, Students, and all those who have the passion for empowering people through education, communication and information, let us all together cultivate a culture of media and information literacy for a better future to our younger generations. Share your experiences, concerns, and projects with us. Send us your comments and suggestions. All the Best, Drissia CHOUIT, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Comparative Linguistics, Communication and Media Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes, Morocco

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Rédigé par LOURIAGHLI Sanae, le 22. mai, 2016
G:3 S:6
Good evening Madame, good evening
First of all, I would like to thank you for your honest contribution and effort in making the entire course understandable and sumptuous. As a matter of fact, all units were impressive and interesting, but the one I did enjoy the most is “critical thinking as an approach”, because I have learned that critical thinking is beyond thinking, it is rather a way of behaving and acting, in other words, as university students we have to not consider it as an abstract, theoretical subject that we have to study and leave behind, but we have to connect it to every atom of our lives and make it meticulous in every step we make to reach our success.
Once again, I am so grateful for this opportunity that you always provide us to express ourselves and share useful inputs.
Good luck everyone,
Faithfully yours,
Rédigé par ET-TEHAMY LHOUSSAINE, le 21. mai, 2016
My name is Et-tehamy Lhoussaine
Group: 2 S6
Dear professor
In fact, Research seminar course was very crucial for us as students of S6. the course dealt with terms and notion that we really need for the well-done of the academic work or even in professional life, either with research project or in the development of the self for future challenges. It is really hard to pick up only a single unit from the whole course and consider it the unit we enjoy, however; I think critical thinking is the big term which attracted the interest most, university student have to be aware of the importance of critical thinking in academic context, the course helped us to have these ideas and to elaborate and develop the conscious mind as seniors. also critical thinking helped us evaluating and scrutiny the ideas and arguments before taking them into consideration as the right ones.
Going further, I think critical thinking is interrelated with all the units of the course. a good critical thinker is the one who is aware of the bad effects of plagiarism, and who tries to avoid them and be more truthfully. it is the one who is creative and arguable about suspicious argument. Critical thinker is the one who applied it in his/her research project and who is aware of the styles (APA/MLA) and all the stuff that are important for a successful work.
Rédigé par Bouhda meryem, le 21. mai, 2016
my name is Bouhda meryem from group 2
dear professor chouit
this year research seminar was very helpful and enlightened course because it was a mixiture of study skills and critical thinking which we need it in our lives. i enjoyed q lot the course about APA style because befor i did't understand it and it was very hard to applied it in my research paper so thank you so much for your perfect explaination
Rédigé par kerroumi yousra, le 20. mai, 2016
Dear professor,
I am your student from group 3 S6
First of all, I would like to thank you for this special website, that include many interesting topics with full details, so thank you for all your efforts you did and you still do for us.
I want To answer the question that You have asked us about which unit we enjoyed most in this course and why.
Personally, I found the unit in which we have spoken about plagiarism the most interesting one, I enjoyed the session and I learned from it so many new things. To be honest, I was not really aware of this act as an unethical behaviour, I learned in this unit that so many actions that we did unintentionally are in fact plagiarism, as rewriting in our words without mentioning the source of the information for instance. We have also learned as a continuation of the course , how we avoid this immoral behaviour by different methods and ways, which are really clear in our handouts.
In my opinion, all the units with which we dealt are important but the one which I enjoyed the most is that of plagiarism.
Rédigé par Fatima Moussa, le 20. mai, 2016

Group 3
S : 6

Research Seminar was a very interesting course from which I have been exposed to some skills and useful knowledge that are so beneficial for writing a research paper. But the unit I've enjoyed most is the one related to the basics of APA style when I got all the information I need about in-text-citation and the reference list, in which I used to have some problems. the detailed information about the steps and the instructions of documentation I have learnt in the course will be very useful while writing my research paper
Rédigé par hba nawal group 3 s5, le 16. févr., 2016
I think sara hou choice is right .She selected a more famous journalist than mine and deserves the price.
Rédigé par hba nawal group 3 s5, le 16. févr., 2016

Ladies and gentlemen ,let me introduce to you a famous man who has given much to journalism and international journalistic humanistic mission.
This man is David Roland ladies and gentlemen is a big hounor for the journalistic community to give the yearly journalism award to this big man .
This choice ladies and gentlemen is due to many causes :First,this humanistic mission with the refugee of darfur in Sudan .Second,his cntribution to international economic news .Third, his big support for cultural community and communities. Mr,David Ronald is a famous journalist operating in the domain of free press .This man when he entered the world of journalism assumed many journalistic responsabilities,and specialised in free journalism and public info sharing .This man is known of this devoting to his job and his contribution to cultural,social and humanistic life.
Rédigé par M'hamdi Abdelkrim, le 10. févr., 2016
internationally. Correspondingly to her jobs and achievements, the Egyptian heroine for me is the most eligible one to be more honoured because of her countless defends on women matters and critical thinking as a tool to get out of tracing the western cultures back that makes her essential aim is to let people think freely.
Rédigé par Mhamdi Abdelkrim, le 10. févr., 2016
Hi everyone, the person I would like to state is the one who deeply inspired me and makes me trustful to present as one who mostly deserve to be honoured. she is an Egyptian feminist doctor, activist, physician, psychiatrist, writer and women's rights defender. She has written many books on the subject of women in Islam paying particular attention to the practice of female genital mutilation in her society. Furthermore, this heroine is the founder and the president of "The Arab Women's Solidarity of the Arab Association" and co-founder of the "Arab Association For Human Rights" and many other prominent positions.
Dr. Nawal El-Saadawi was born in October 27, 1931 in Kafr Tahla, Egypt.
The Egyptian model El-Saadawi has won many international awards which has made her a widely known one, M
Rédigé par M'hamdi Abdelkrim, le 10. févr., 2016
Initially; I would like to thank the teacher s well the students for the good job. I personally want to comment on Mr: Zajou YASSINE on what he writes about " the professor Ibrahim El-fiki as a model". with all my respect to his comment that is really interesting, I think that the passion or the involvement of subjectivity and the ideology are there dominating more than stating the arguments to defend why he chooses that person exactly...
Rédigé par OUKDA MIMOUN S5 G4, le 18. janv., 2016
Thank you very my lovely Teacher much for this useful website to share our information with classmates particularly about Media and Study skills as well as research method
Rédigé par OUKDA MIMOUN S5 G4, le 18. janv., 2016
Hello there,
I'm really appreciated to introduce such a famous eminent journalist called Cooper Anderson who has contributed to a free press.
He has become well-known since he always seeks and collects information from various sources and distributes them as news to audience through means such as newspapers, radio and television.
Since the start of his career in 1992, Cooper has covered major news events around the world moreover he has also played an important role in CNN and he has already won numerous journalism awards because of his great efforts that he made for instance when he joined CNN Cooper reported and produced stories on his own from conflict in ISRAEL, RUSSIA... etc.
Emm ... er.. he really deserves this international award.
Thank you everybody...
For more information about Cooper Anderson.
............. for more information about C. Anderson. Http:// Cooper-rewarded
Rédigé par Zajou Yassine, le 17. janv., 2016

first and foremost,i want to thank,M.chouit,the founder of this award's ceremony for giving me such opportunity to represnt my candidate.The man i have respected and i still respect all over my life,Ibrahim Elfiki,a professeur ,researcher,and a coach of self developement.He delivers more than six hundred thousand lectures in universities with three languages. Rather than his lectures in arabic channel iqraa.He wrote many books about self developement, and coaching that was translated in more than 5 languages.However,not only his books that impresse people,but also his personal he was mesirable and how he turns out to be one of the wealthier men in canada.How he turn out from washing dihes in to hotel director,and then to a profressur,later on as an owner of ibrahim ELfiky group of socoeties.Definitely,as much as he did to the humanity as much as he should be awarded even if his absence,to make an hommage for him,and to motivate others to follow the same pattern as Mr,Ebrahim. ELfiky did,may allah pays pity on him.
Rédigé par FATIHA HOUIR GROUP 3, le 17. janv., 2016
Good evening distinguished guests ,ladies and gentleman ,before introducing my nominee ,I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all the participants in this ceremony. I am glad to nominate the Egyptian journalist “MONA TAHAWY”to win the prize. She is known for her thirst to unmask the truth. Despite being jailed and having her hand her lift hand broken, she resists and refuses to give up fighting for her principles. This nominee deserves the prize because she fights for women rights and against woman enslavation.She was named one of the most fearless and one of the most powerful women in Arab world. In 2012, the Missouri School of Journalism awarded her its Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism and the Columbia Journalism Review named her as one of 20 women in the media to watch.
Rédigé par Mounire Khefnach, le 16. janv., 2016
The journalist I have chosen to be the one who wins the prize of the best journalist of the year is
Mr. Rachid Nini. Nini was an ordinary student in one of the Moroccan universities. After
graduation he has tried many occupations out of his own specialty. Suddenly Nini has decide to
leave his own country and emigrate to Spain illegally on a boat in the middle of the night and he
risk his own life because of the bad economical situation he has been through after graduation
.Agriculture and building were the main jobs Nini applied for in Spain. After few years Nini has
decided to return to his country and start a newspaper with some of his friends with a small
budget of ten thousand Dollars. This was the real beginning of Rachid Nini as the journalist of
today. The issues and problems of the nation discussed by his newspaper were not easily
swallowed by the Moroccan government or the leading figures of some political parties. Discussing
a verdict by a Moroccan court ,Nini has been convicted of intervening in the special concerns of
judicial authority and was held in prison for a whole year without any grace . Now Rachid Nini is
released out of prison, but he still accused by five ministers for many claims.


31.12 | 15:40

This refers to Alternative Media that critique not only powerful forces, but also mainstream media; they are called the watchdogs of the watchdogs.

29.12 | 15:03

Hello Madame , Could you please explain what do we mean by the watchdog of the watchdog ? Thanks in advance

27.12 | 18:59

The media are successful in telling us what to think about refers to the Agenda-Setting Theory of the Press and to News Values. You should also address the implications of News Agenda Settings.

27.12 | 18:52

1. You should explain the second element of the statement "what to think about": News Agenda Setting based on News Values.
2. You should explain the first element of the statement: The media are not successful in telling us "what to think."