Dr. Drissia CHOUIT

Moulay Ismail University


Media and Society

Course Description


This course examines the dynamics underpinning the relationship(s) between media and society, and the nature and functions of mass media in democratic societies. Key topics include:


-         Understanding Theory and Research

-         Understanding Media Processes 

-         News Media

-         Media Systems

-         Media Audiences

-         Media Effects

-         Media and Democracy

-         Media for Development

-         Analyzing Political Discourse

-         Deciphering Extremist Discourse

-         Media and Information Literacy


For this last unit on Media and Information Literacy, students are recommended to enrol in the UNESCO Online Course on Media and Information Literacy, and get a Completion Certificate when they complete this course. Here is the link:


UNESCO and AthabascaUniversity Online Course on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue


Then click on:

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1st & 2nd Weeks

General Introduction

The Communication Process

 Frame of Reference


 3rd & 4th Weeks

 Communication Noise

 Marketing and Adversarial Approaches

 The Watchdog Function of the Press


 5th & 6th Weeks

 News Media or News Making


 News Values

See also:


The Agenda setting Theory of the Press

See also:


 1.  Read and analyze the following two articles:

     a.  Trump Declares Suspect 'Should Get Death Penalty' by Peter Baker

 b. 'I'm the Only One That Matters': Trump's Chilling Imperial Power-Grab, by   Heather Digby Parton, winner of the 2014 Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism


  1. Use this search engine to see if you can find news articles covering detailed information on the Moroccan parliamentary elections of 25th November, 2011:


  1. Analyze the speech of the former Minister of Education.

 See also:



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No. This website provides some units of the course + complementary information and resources. You have to combine both e-learning platform and this website.

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