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Study Skills and Research Methods


Research Seminars


Sample Exams:


  1. Explain the importance of 'assessing your goals as a researcher' in the light of the following statement:

            Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind

            when you conduct research is the question you want

            to answer, your goal as a writer, and the scope and

            nature of your project.


  1. Explain the importance of 'developing an appropriate

        research strategy' in the light of the following statement:

            Whether you are conducting research to fill in few

            holes in your understanding of a subject or you are

            beginning a substantial research project, you need to

            develop an appropriate search strategy, one that will

            enable you to gather the information that you need

            and to do so in a timely fashion. If you are writing a

            research paper, you will undoubtedly begin with a

            general topic that interests you, but your research

            will be more efficient once you have turned the topic

            into a goal-driven question. The nature of your project

            influences not only how you conduct your inquiry but

            also the kinds of sources you consult.


  1. Explain the following statement:

            To be an effective researcher, you need to know three

            things: the kind of information you need for your

            project, the most efficient and productive way to

            locate that information, and how to make the most

            effective use of the information you have located.


  1. Define 'critical thinking', identify its basic skills and attitudes and show its relevance to research and its direct link to creativity.


  1. What is 'information literacy' and why is it fundamental in the research process?


  1. Define 'information literacy' and explain the importance of the ability to 'classify' and 'evaluate' online sources.


  1. How can you determine when to quote, paraphrase, or summarize?


  1. Define 'plagiarism', explain why it is unethical, and give strategies to avoid it.


  1. Give three differences showing the contrast between ‘deep-holistic’ and ‘surface-atomistic’ learners.
  2. Explain how critical thinking is associated with the capacity for rational thought, how it starts with the self, and how it involves considering other people's reasoning.


    Explain the parameters of "authority," "accuracy," and "objectivity" in evaluating online sources.

  4. State the main information literacy skills, explain how these skills help you become autonomous learners and how they help you in the research process.

  5. Explain how the scope and nature of your research project impact on your search strategy, on the way you conduct your inquiry, and on the kinds of sources you consult.


Tips to Succeed:


  1. All these questions require an essay answer, which may be one paragraph or several paragraphs long.
  2. Take time to read carefully the question and understand it fully.
  3. Identify key words in the question and pay particular attention to have all of them included in your answer.
  4. Concerning the number of paragraphs, you may like to devote one paragraph for each key idea, or to develop more than one key idea in one of the paragraphs of the essay.
  5. Make a tentative outline.
  6. Write down any ideas that come to your mind in order to keep track of them and not to take the risk of forgetting them.
  7. Figure out what you are required to do: which type of essay, with which content: You should answer the question, NOT MORE; in other words, you should not show to your teacher that you have more knowledge in the field by including information which is not relevant to the topic under question.
  8. Answer the question directly without giving a general introduction: Your introduction should be related to the particular topic you are discussing.
  9. Write in clear and simple English. Do not use long sentences and avoid run-ons.
  10. Write in your own words and do not simply reproduce what has been given to you in the handouts. These served only as a basis for discussion and in-depth analysis.
  11. You should show the capacity to make the links between the various units studied and to give a comprehensive answer. It is recommended to give examples and further information to support your answer.
  12.  Make sure that the intended message that you have in mind is stated clearly so that your teacher can get it as intended.
  13. Plan your time and leave some time for revising your draft and proofreading.  


Good Luck.


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